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Wireless Print Server and Portable Printer for CHR Restaurant

Project Info

Wireless Print Server and Portable Printer for CHR Restaurant


The CHR restaurant of Yunnan Railway Bureau took the lead to adopt wireless print server and portable


Wireless order printing system was used in the restaurant of MU trains. Order tool is tablet computer.

In the kitchen, they chose our portable printer (RG-MPT-II) and wireless print server (RG-WP100).

The customers can directly order the dishes from the tablet computer and the order will be sent to the

kitchen through wireless network and then be printed out.

Wireless print server adopts the international WIFI standard IEEE802 network data transmission protocol and a data loss preventing protocol is added on the application layer, which realizes the real order anti-lost. Because of the compact and portable appearance of the printer and printer server, a lot of space is saved for the kitchen and looks nice. This is the first case of using wireless order printing system in our railway system. The related officer of Ministry of Railways thought the wireless order printing system has a good performance, and will  promote this among all the restaurants in MU trains and high-speed railways, which will make China Railways’ restaurant application a better improvement.