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RuiGong wireless printing solutions

In view of the printing process,wireless transmission is easy to lose receipts,Beijing RuiGong technology company developed a series of wireless printing solutions, to provide you with easy wireless printing service.
Solutions include:
Wireless desktop printing solution
Wireless mobile printing solution
Wireless industrial control printing solution
Wireless self-service printing solution
Wireless data collection solution

The features of RuiGong full range of wireless printing solutions :
1. Wireless, easy to carry, convenient for maintenance
2. Ensure the integrity of data transmission to avoid losing receipts
3. Infinite interconnection based on mobile intelligent terminals
4. Support for multiple operating systems: IOS, Android, WinCE, Windows Mobile, Linux, Windows, etc
5. Strong extensibility, achieved wireless printing with office printers, label printers, receipt printers, mobile printers
6. Support cloud printing, cloud data transmission
7. Support Web page printing
8. Support secret information printing
9. Supporting the provision of comprehensive print management software, development tools software, cloud print management software

Wireless desktop printing solution
Method:Tablet computer/Smartphone/PC+WP100+POS Receipt Printer/Portable printer/office printers
Application:Catering, Ticketing, Finance, Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, Aviation, Attractions, Telecom, Insurance
Solution example:


1. The receipt printer through a serial port to connect with RG-WP100
2. Based on the use of our solutions,micro change or not change the existing catering software, wireless printing can be realized
3. Perfect printing solutions to support stable and reliable printing and the data will be sent to the printer
4. Using print development tools software provided by my company,quick and efficient printing
can be achieved
5.Provide each system: Android, iPhone/ipad, Linux embbed, QT, Windows CE/Mobile/Phone
Wireless mobile printing solution
Method: Tablet/Smartphone/PDA/Intelligent reader device+portable printer/Bluetooth POS/ Audio POS
Application: Mall,Finance,Warehousing,Logistics, Mobile law enforcement, Insurance, Meter reading
Solution example:


1. Mobile devices can print directly through wireless network, save the cost of PC
2. Mobile devices can realize trading information and other data to interact with the background data center through Internet
3. Management Center manage trading information through remote network

Wireless industrial control printing solution
Method: WP100 + Panel printer
Application: Assembly line, Charging pile, Gas stations, Remote medical treatment
Solution example:


1. Mobile monitor can upload the patient’s information to the background data center
2. Related patient’s information will be sent to the designated hospital information database through the background data center
3. Doctor through the remote diagnostic information to determine the patient’s condition and implementation of remote diagnosis treatment and print and file

Wireless self-service printing solution
RG-WP100 + Kiosk printer
Application: Ticketing,Aviation, Attractions, Telecom, Insurance
Solution example:


1. User through Internet to book tickets, and obtain electronic ticket booking credentials
2. Through the self-service ticket machine of the theater, querying and getting paper tickets
3. Self-service ticket machines confirm the validity of customer tickets by electronic credentials and printing related tickets

Wireless data collection solution
RG-WP100 +Sensor + Background data center
Application: Air quality monitoring, Temperature and humidity data monitoring
Solution example:


1. Temperature sensors transmit the environmental data to the background data center through the network
2. Management center get data analysis from data center, taking relevant measures

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